Santiago Tunes Vol. 5

Friday, 03 May 2019

Cabana Surf & Stay

Santiago Tunes is one of the electronic music & movement platform, located in Bandar Lampung. Santiago Tunes is turned on by team from various fields, namely Dj, Vj, and Visual Art, which also contribute and continuously work on every work and movement that has been made. Santiago Tunes was also established in 2013 and the name santiago itself starts with a play on the word, which is “Santai Tipis Agak Goyang” with tagline “kita gk goyang-goyang amat”. The last big event that Santiago Tunes has made is Santiago Vol.4, which took place on august 18, 2018, located in Ombak Indah Cottage, Krui, Pesisir Barat, Lampung, where the collective project itself involved friends from various communities who aimed to be able to collaborate together to create a movement. Community partners who are involved & share in Santiago vol.4 are visual art, fashion, PBSA (pesisir barat surf association), beach clean community, skateboard, and firedance community.
Tunes By:
Santiago Tunes
Traditional Dance & Music
Visual By:
Installation By & Santiago Crew