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We are living in digital era with explosion of initiatives from every cities in Indonesia. People represent the character, vibrancy and future of every generation. And with or without permission, the youth will breaks the mold in order to reinvent the new Indonesian millennials.

To redefine ourselves as being the curators of the change. We need to recycle our media, because media will shape the future. And the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Because, we love to witness when things happen.

Siasat Partikelir goes beyond the known crowds and connects city nodes across Indonesia. We aggregate stories from people’s backyards so everyone can feel local everywhere. We dispatch story tellers to document stories and vignettes from Indonesia’s inspiring youths. We focus on stories of movements and changes made by youths, across platforms & media.

Siasat Partikelir connects community journalism with subculture, and focusing in Indonesian cities. Our contents are produced either through original reporting, or collected from our beloved media partners.

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